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DOMAN RC Hobby  /  SHENZHEN Skypod technology Co.,Ltd


Addess:  14,Fuhai Industrial Zone,Fuyong Town,Baoan,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China,58103

Factory address:  2/F,Jun Xin Tai Industrial Park,Yuwu,DongCheng,Dongguan,GuangDong,China


email:domanrc@domanrchobby.com      domanrc@aliyun.com


Online Store:http://www.aliexpress.com/store/700292


Oversea Market

Aisa and PacificKevindomanrc@domanrchobby.com
Middle East and AfricaLisalisa@domanrchobby.com



       We work hard to give our clients the lowest price and quality products. We have many years experience in servo design and productionin China, and also OEM for some brands in hobby industry."Quality and Economy is the key to brand loyalty", We hope all distributors couldmake money on the nice products,and the customers could enjoy the fun of rc hobby models!

     We offer products on :

             Anolog Servos

             Digital Servos (standard size with 30kg,35kg,40kg high torque servo also available now.These servossimilar as HITEC HS-M7990TH ,HS-8380TH )

             Brushless Servos

            Magnetic Induction Servos(360degree controllable)

            Robot Servos(180/300/360degree)/robot gear box

             Full Metal Case Servos  

       and so on for 10 years.