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Magnetic Induction 360degree servo online 2016-01-03 rc servo robot servo

     After 3 years design and develop,DOMAN rc hobby mater the magnetic encoder technology,and we are applying it to the various series of servos now, and we also accept orders of OEM or ODM magnetic induction servos.


The Special Characters of  magnetic induction servos

1,It is a non-contact and wear-free magnetic encoder,so it will be with especially long life,the servo life will not be suject to the potentiometer's life;  

2,It is a non-contact and wear-free magnetic encoder,so the precision will not go down with the time used,this is what the traditional potentiometer unmatched; 

3,non-contact and wear-free magnetic encoder goes with high linearity, high accuracy, high reliability,this make the position feedback smoothly,so if it used on the platform,it will be stepless, this completely solve the problem of multistep by traditional potentiometer;

4,Because there is no block in the gear and the potentiometer,so it can rotate 360degree,and if the output shaft runs beyond the limit,this could also avoid and reduced damage to the potentiometer and gear set;

5,magnetic encoder could go to any point of 360degree,which break through the angle limit of traditional potentiometer,this makes your product running 360degree freely and no dead angle;

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