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CLS405MD Magnetic Induction 40kg Coreless Digital Servo

DM-CL408MDXp01.JPGItem No.:DM-CLS405MD

Art No.:5452408

Brief: metal gears,coreless motor,Magnetic Induction,40kg digital servo,2 ball bearings,standard servo size, output shaft 25T 

Application:Helicopter Swash-plate rudder control; Plane Aileron and Flap control surface actuation;Helicopter Tail rudder control; Car Direction rudder control; Throttle control;Robotics;UAV platform; Automation;First Person View;Wide angle stroke of rotation;


High presicion metal gears made by CNC;

Select coreless motor,could compare with import one;

Magnetic Induction long life Potentiometer;

expert and experienced in circuit for 8 years;

TOP choice on case plastic,and best mold manufacture

Install with 6pcs screws to make sure it is strong enough,

Aluminium middle case for heatsink

Standard Size,Coreless,digital,Titanium gears,25T,2BB

Futaba,JR,SANWA,Hitec compatible.

The Special Characters:

1,It is a non-contact and wear-free magnetic encoder,so it will be with especially long life,the servo life will not be suject to the potentiometer's life;  

2,It is a non-contact and wear-free magnetic encoder,so the precision will not go down with the time used,this is what the traditional potentiometer unmatched; 

3,non-contact and wear-free magnetic encoder goes with high linearity, high accuracy, high reliability,this make the position feedback smoothly,so if it used on the platform,it will be stepless, this completely solve the problem of multistep by traditional potentiometer;

4,Because there is no block in the gear and the potentiometer,so it can rotate 360degree,and if the output shaft runs beyond the limit,this could also avoid and reduced damage to the potentiometer and gear set;

5,magnetic encoder could go to any point of 360degree,which break through the angle limit of traditional potentiometer,this makes your product running 360degree freely and no dead angle;


Item No. DM-CLS405MD

Operating Voltage: 6V~7.4V

Speed: 0.15 sec/60deg (6.0v)    0.13sec/60deg (7.4v)

Torque: 38.8kg.cm (6.0v)          40.6kg.cm (7.4v)

Rotation angle:360degree(PWM500-2500us)

Size: 40mmX20mmX41mm

Weight: 76gram

Motor: Coreless

Gear Train: Metal(copper gear)

Ball Bearing: 2BB

Dead band width: 2usc

Interface: (JR)

Wire length: 30cm

Type: Digital,Aluminium heat sink,Coreless,Magnetic Induction


*Please specify the plug(JR or Futaba connector),or we offer JR plug for you,for it is compatible.Futaba plug.
*Please do read the instruction before you install the servo.Rubber grommet must be used to reduce vibration when you install the servo on GP airplane,GP car or GP boat.
*Please choose suitable servo for you rc model.Torque overload will damage your servo.
*Keep the servo clean and away from dust,corrosive gas and humid air.
*Specification are subject to change without notice 

【Packing include】

     1pcsXDM-CLS405MD  servo

     Accessaries:servo horns,rubber grommets, eyelets and mounting screws

         1 x double sided servo horn       1 x 4-arm servo horn    1 x 6-arm servo horn    1 x round servo disc 
         4 x rubber grommets with brass inserts           4 x mounting screws 
         1 x mounting bolt 3x 8mm for servo horn installation on the ball raced brass output shaft with 25T-spline drive
     GW: 87 g