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Company History

2008DOMAN RC Hobby Co.,Ltd was solemnly established in the context of the global financial crisis.Rarely any rc hobby factory then,the whole rc hobby industry develop very fast.We developed standard servos(3kg,6kg,9kg,13kg,15kg) this year,our servos chooses engineering plastic,and go with selected motor,all servos was 100% tested before send out,so our servos successfully arrive USA and Euro market

2009we go on develop servo lines,such as micro servos,9g servos.The 9g servos with more and more quantity orders,and the price go down all the time too.

2010We decide develop coreless standard servos after research the hobby market.Over the past 1 year, with the cooperation of the partners, we have developed the 17mm coreless motors and the titanium alloy gears also gradually overcome. The digital circuit also successfully online,we become one of the few manufacturers that can produce coreless digital servos in the world.

2011we delelop 25kg,30kg,40kg stanard size coreless servos,the servos mainly used on big airplane,TOC,UAV,robot,and so on

2012we develop the low profile servos for rc car,and we attend the rc hobby fair in SHENZHEN (Shenzhen Model Exhibition 2012),we meet with many rc fans and distributors,our servos attracted many domestic and foreign visitors

2013,Futaba has developed brushless servos. With the cooperation of partners,we has gradually conquered the control circuit of brushless motor and brushless motor in more than one year's,and we become one of the few manufacturers that can produce brushless digital servos in rc hobby field.We go on atternd the Shenzhen Model Exhibition and other professional model exhibitions, and cooperate with many domestic and foreign clients and distributors.

2014 Our Our full metal case servos shows on Shenzhen Model Exhibition,low profile robot servos successfully offer to ODM clients,DOMAN RC becomes well know brands.

2015  We developed MI(Magnetic Induction) servos this year,and we put this tech on most of our servos,and we could do OEM/ODM MI servos;We attend Beijing model show(The 16th Hobby Expo China 2015)this year, and we also attend Shenzhen Model Exhibition,and we have established cooperation with many robotics companies and automation manufacturers 

2016  We developed the TTL robot servos this year,and also 270degree servos,360degree Continuous rotation servos,and do new design case for 9g 360degree continuous rotation servo,it will work much smooth and better

2017  We go on move forward, find the pain points and difficulties of the servos we have,our engineers work hard and constantly surpass and break through,the 2g servo was successfully online,and 2.5g, 3.7g, 4.3g with new design case, 180 degree, 260 degree was developed successfully,the servos running more smooth,and easier installment, and with more widely used.

2018 We develop RS485 version robot servos this year,and offer more and more versions,such as MI+RS485,MI+RS485+coreless,RS485+coreless,RS485+brushless,we cooperate with more and more robot companies